Online shopping in India has been growing with triple digit figures since 2012. Earlier the scenario was totally different and asking any random guy in 2007 about his/her views would have shown how many myths they had regarding online shopping. People would even believe on something like e-commerce companies may deliver you bricks instead of the products you have paid for. These myths were the biggest barriers of online shopping in India. However such myths no longer exist as the idea of online shopping has grown over the Indian masses overtime.

Still the e-commerce sector faced some barriers that have made Indian shoppers hesitate from buying online such as ability to touch and buy goods before buying, ability to return faulty goods purchased in the market, immediate access of goods purchased, unwillingness to post personnel or financial details on the internet, and inability to bargain and get a better deal. The E-commerce companies knew they cannot grow substantially under such conditions so they have taken gaining consumer trust and confidence as their primary motive. Their efforts have shown results and e-commerce now has several factors that have motivated Indian buyers to shop online. Top reasons for people to shop online include fast delivery, ability to pay cash on delivery means no fear of posting financial details online, substantial discounts compared to the market eradicated the requirement of bargaining, access to branded products, and cash back guarantee on faulty goods.

Online shopping in India has been fore-casted to keep on growing with triple digit figures even after 2014 as per a research by Google. The stepping stone to success of E-commerce in India has been its electronic goods. The market conditions for the purchase of electronic goods has always confused the Indian buyers in making their purchase decisions by being short on options and fluctuating prices from shop to shop. Online shopping provides the best prices along with the ability to browse through a large variety of products. Not only this online shopping helps decision making by providing detailed reviews of products and provision of the option of comparison between similar products. The delivery is fast and the headache of convincing the shopkeeper for returning faulty goods is removed through the easy and fast cash return on faulty goods schemes of e-commerce companies.

The demand for electronics especially branded mobile phones has kept on increasing online but what Google has further fore-casted is an overall shift in what the users are buying. The apparels, Branded Bags, Shoes and accessories emerged as one of the most purchased categories online. They have overtaken electronics to become the leading category of online shopping.  Products like branded bags which are low on variety and high on prices in the Indian market have seen substantial growth in purchase among online users reason being access to numerous brands and variety of bags and substantial discounts compared to purchase made from the market. Online Shopping is the new-gen way of informative and secure shopping and is at present the best option to purchase branded products.